Dry pumps iGX

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The Edwards iGX Dry Pumps provide a versatile vacuum pump platform with reliable performance for clean to medium-duty silicon and compound semiconductor applications. Compact size and low vibration allow great flexibility as iGX pumps can be used for on-tool, proximity or remote installations – in turn, ensuring space savings and ultimately reduced overall cost of ownership. The iGX pumps also offer Ethernet connectivity and other networking options.


  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Up to a 50% reduction in utilities cost compared to iL/iH drypumps
  • No preventative maintenance
  • Flexible Installation Options
  • Small and light for easy installation
  • On-tool, close proximity, or remote
  • Possible Tool Throughput Improvements
  • One of the fastest load lock pumps available
  • Consistent Pumping Performance Globally
  • Pumping speed identical at 50 and 60 Hz
  • Reduced Ambient Noise
  • Only 55 dB(A)
  • Wide Range of Peak Speed
  • 100, 300, 600 and 800 m3h-1