High-precision automatic 2 axes cutting machine Ø 230 mm Cutlam Micro 3.0

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The CUTLAM micro 3.0 automatic cutting machine is an extremely precise tool for cutting through different types of materials. It has a very large cutting range and the ability to automate in three axes. Thanks to the intuitive menu available from the touch screen, operation of the machine is simple and does not require lengthy training. A 320 x 540 mm work chamber, a large 210 x 210 mm milling table and the ability to use discs with diameters up to 230 mm, combined with the Z-axis (100 mm) and Y-axis (270 mm) cutting ranges, provide a very large cutting range comparable to large abrasive cutting machines.
The CUTLAM micro 3.0 provides three modes of operation: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
An intelligent continuous feed control system monitors the blade load and ensures that the sample being cut does not overheat and damage the blade.
Optionally, the CUTLUM micro 3.0 can be equipped with a manual or automatic slicing system (X-axis cutting).
Optimal cooling is provided by an independent recirculation system with a capacity of
30L, equipped with a 100 um fine filter.


Cutting discs75 – 230 mm
Shaft diameter12,7 mm
Flanges75 mm
Max cutting rangeØ 77 mm (for 230 mm discs)
Space under the dial70 mm (for 230 mm discs)
Vertical feed (Z)100 mm automatic
Longitudinal feed (Y)270 mm automatic
Side feed (optional)55 mm manual or 50 mm automatic
CoolingRecirculating system, 30 L, on stand with 4 wheels, integrated two-chamber filter system, 800 l/h capacity
Power1,1 kW
Disc speedAdjustable, 1000-4000 rpm
Cutting modesAutomatic, semi-automatic, manual
Feed controlFrom 0.1 to 20 mm/s.
CoverTransparent plastic with opening lock
Voltage230 V – 50 Hz
Dimensions620 x 470 x 750 mm (L x H x W).
Weight80 kg
No.60 CTM30 00


60 CTM01 10Ø 35 mm flange set for Ø 75 to 100 mm discs
60 CTM01 20Set of flanges Ø 50 mm for discs Ø 125 to 150 mm
60 CTM01 30Set of flanges Ø 75 mm for discs Ø 200 to 230 mm
60 CT200 40Double vise (left and right) – screw pressure
60 CTM32 00

60 CTM33 00

60 M0100 00


Quick release vise, small, right-handed


Quick release vise, small, left-handed


Freestanding cabinet with 1 drawer and space for recirculating system.