Electronic Engraving Pen EDS 20

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The small tool with unlimited application possibilities in the fields of marking, engraving etc. of all kinds of material used in industry, science and technology.

The EDS 20 Electronic Engraving Pen enables deep engraving, marking and labelling of glass, metal or plastics without undue exertion or pressure. With its low weight of 80 g, the precision instrument made of aluminium is easy and comfortable to use.

The motor is automatically switched on when the EDS 20 Electronic Engraving Pen is held in writing position and switched off in any other position. When operated, the tip rotates at high speed and provides a permanent inscription which unlike dyes, chalks or inks cannot be accidentally smudged or obliterated.

The EDS 20 Electronic Engraving Pen is characterised by its long-life cycle and the wide range of application possibilities. To change the tip, the used one is just pulled out while the new tip is applied with slight pressure. For use on uneven surfaces, an anti-glide pad is available


Casing:                          anodized aluminum
Drive shaft:                  stainless steel with special ball bearing
Dimensions (L/Ø):    150 mm, 20 mm
Weight:                        80 g
Power supply:             230V / 50 – 60 Hz / 65VA