Cutlam Micro 2.0 Laboratory precision micro cutting machine

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It’s a compact laboratory micro-cutting machine intended for the most sensitive materials. The speed range and cutting chamber capacity make this machine incredibly versatile.

The sample is held in position using a vice-tightened holding arm and the wheel located outside the cutting chamber enables a micrometric movement along the Z axis; the movement can be tracked directly on the screen (accurate to 0,02 mm) Thanks to the zeroing system, very accurate parallel cuts can be performed.
A wide range of vices is available, enabling you to clamp any type of component or material. The cutting progress is either controlled manually or with a counterweight system specially adapted to delicate cuts. A rocker arm balances the implement weight, and another one permits to adjust the applied load with precision.


Wheel   Ø 75 to 200 mm
ShaftØ12,7 mm
Standard flangesØ50 mm
Lateral arm displacementStroke 80 mm (accuracy 0,02 mm)
Preload weight2 x 200 g
Vertical movementManual
Lubrication/CoolingRecirculation system, 10 litres, 2 compartment decantation tank, 100 µ fabric filter, recirculation pumps.

800 L/hour driven by the machine.

Motor power0,6 kW
Rotational speedVariable, from 200 to 4000 rpm
ProtectionTransparent cover with locking system
Voltage230V – 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)430 x 300 x 450 mm

(H cover open: 644 mm)

Weight40  kg
Reference60 CTM20 00