MODEL 1063 WaferMill™ ion beam delayering solution

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Delayer multiple pre-selected regions on a full wafer from the top down. The fully automated process supports all phases of semiconductor processing for CD-SEM sample preparation.

Key Specifications

  • Selected-area milling on full 300 mm wafers
  • Top-down delayering
  • Expose multiple device layers and structures
  • For use in multiple areas of a semiconductor fabrication facility:

– Research and development

– Process control

– Yield enhancement

– Failure analysis


Near-line and in-line

Equipment front end module (EFEM)
Manufactured by Brooks Automation; comprises the following:

  • 300 mm front-opening unified pod (FOUP) loading station that holds up to 25 wafers
  • Four-axis wafer handling robot with a passive end effector
  • Pre-aligner that orients the wafer notch based on CD-SEM requirements
  • Controller unit

Pre-pump chamber
300 mm VAT valve interface between the EFEM and load lock

UV light
Dual wave-length ultraviolet (UV) light (253.7 nm and 184.9 nm) mounted within the pre-pump chamber

Load lock
A 300 mm VAT valve interface between the pre-pump chamber and the process chamber; wafer presence sensors indicate when a wafer is in the load lock

Vacuum system
Two dedicated turbomolecular pumps; one in pre-pump chamber and one in process chamber
Oil-free diaphragm pump to back turbomolecular pumps
Pressure monitoring with vacuum gauges

Pneumatic supply

Load lock and milling chamber:

  • Process gas: Inert gas (argon) with purity of 99.999% (ultra-high

purity); 20 to 30 psi

  • Control gas: Dry nitrogen; 60 ±5 psi
  • Load lock vent gas: Clean, dry air (CDA); 20 to 30 psi
  • Automatic gas control: Three mass flow controllers (one per ion source)

Process chamber

Linear stage moves the wafer in the X and Y direction with 5 µm accuracy
Electrostatic chuck grips the wafer in place to provide a uniform milling plane by eliminating wafer bow
Wafer presence sensors indicate when a wafer is in the process chamber Integrated wafer mapping based on KLARF files


Ion source assembly:

Three ion sources, located 120° apart, at 22.5° from the horizontal plane.

  • Variable energy (1.0 to 6.0 keV) operation
  • Beam current density: 10 mA/cm2
  • Beam size: 2 mm
  • Point targeting provides the ability to drive the wafer to any point for processing


Turret/rocking assembly:

  • Can be rocked ± 175°
  • Angular deviation is ± 5° with a variable step size range of 0.1 to 2°
  • Rocking speed is 1 rpm.

Automatic termination

  • By timer
  • By image processing; milling stops when a specified diameter is reached


User interface

PC-based interface:

  • Accessible from EFEM and chamber side
  • Used to control the milling process

Operation indicator: Stack light

Optical system

Optical system for beam process monitoring and image acquisition:

  • Field of view:

– 15 mm (low magnification)

– 1.4 mm (high magnification)

  • Motorized zoom

• Motorized focus