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LENS AFM Atomic force microscope is the perfect solution that extends the possibilities of classical optical microscopy.
The LENS AFM microscope can be mounted on any optical microscope in a simple system. The device allows observation of the surface with nanometric resolution, which previously was only reserved for high-resolution scanning electron microscopes.
A characteristic feature of the microscope is the ease of use and flexibility of the scanning system. The measuring range depends on the selected version for LENS AFM 110u it is 110 x 110 x 22 µm, while for LENS AFM 70u it is 70 x 70 x 14 µm.
LENS AFM microscope thanks to the use of automatic probe positioning technology (Auto Align) allows the work of even inexperienced users.


Sample size as in an optical microscope
Maximum sample height as in an optical microscope
Automatic Z axis shift as in an optical microscope
Motorized range of probe approach to the surface of 4.5 mm
Scan range in the X-Y axis: 100 x 100 µm or 70×70 µm
Scanning range in the Z axis: 22 µm or 14 µm
Detector noise during measurement (RMS, dynamic mode in air) 90 pm