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The GX Dry Vacuum Pump Series sets new standards for zero maintenance between major overhauls. Improved efficiency lowers the cost of ownership and provides continuous pumping duty throughout the pressure range.

GX pumps are available in a wide range of peak speeds and variants to address applications from clean through to medium-duty processes. A modular design allows users to configure GX drypumps to suit individual fab requirements. An ultra-compact footprint allows installation options including on-tool, close proximity, or remote.


  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Up to a 50% reduction in utilities cost compared to iL/iH drypumps
  • No preventative maintenance
  • Flexible Installation Options
  • Small and light for easy installation
  • On-tool, close proximity, or remote
  • Possible Tool Throughput Improvements
  • One of the fastest loadlock pumps available
  • Consistent Pumping Performance Globally
  • Pumping speed identical at 50 and 60 Hz
  • Reduced Ambient Noise
  • Only 55 dB(A)
  • Wide Range of Peak Speed
  • 100, 300, 600 and 800 m3h-1