Vacuum Gauge APG100

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APG100 series Active Pirani Vacuum Gauges are available in 2 models. The APG100-XM is the standard model and measures to 10-3 mbar, the APG100-XLC is a corrosion resistant version with measurement to 10-4 mbar. Both gauges feature compact size for easy installation, a linear output and a replaceable sensor tube. These gauges are compatible with all Edwards TIC instrument controllers and other Active gauge controllers and displays.


• Cable connections and gauge adjustment conveniently located, thereby minimising the space envelope required for access
• Sensor tube can be baked to 150 °C
• Adjustable set-point for simple process control and interlocking
• CSA, C/US Approved
ശ Meets safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement
• Linear output – 1 Volt per decade for easy interface with vacuum control systems
• NW16, NW25 and DN16CF flange options for easy connection to vacuum systems
• LED status indicator shows normal and fault conditions
• Remote calibration possible
• Replaceable sensor tube/electronics lead to a low cost of ownership
• Tool-less replacement of spare parts

Technical parameters

Pressure rangeAtmosphere to 10-9 mbar/Torr
Accuracy *Typically ±15% <100 mbar and ±30%<10-3 mbar
Maximum over pressure6 bar absolute (87 psia)
Power supply+14.5 to +36 V d.c.
Power consumption2 W maximum
Output signal1.8 to 10.2 V d.c.
AdjustmentsAtmosphere and setpoint
Set pointOpen collector transistor
Maximum voltage40 V d.c.
Current100 mA maximum
Temperature range
Operating+5 to +60 oC
Storage0 to +70 oC
Materials exposed to vacuum (Both NW and CF versions)Stainless steel (AISI 304, 316, 321, 347), Fluoroelastomer, soda lime glass, Tungsten, trace of Nickel and Nickel Iron
Internal volume26 cm3
Weight0.8 kg
External interface connector8-way FCC68 / RJ45 Socket
Interface cablesUse range of active gauge cables
Electromagnetic compatibilityEN 61326 Industrial Location, Class B emissions
Enclosure ratingIP40


* Accuracy is reduced at the limits of the measuring range.


Medium vacuum
Low vacuum
Vacuum range: 10-4 – 103 mbar