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The NAIO STM scanning tunneling microscope is an ideal educational platform with a compact design and unparalleled strength for everyday work with students.
A characteristic feature of the microscope is the ease of use and high flexibility of the scanning system. The measuring range of the NaioSTM system is 500 x500x 200 nm, NaioSTM has a controller integrated with the microscope base together with an anti-vibration system.


Maximum sample size up to 10 mm in diameter
Sample height up to 3 mm
Motorized proximity of the probe to the surface of 2 mm
Scanning range in soybean X and Y 500 x 500 nm
Scanning range in the Z axis up to 200 nm
Two view camera; looking from above and from the side.
Dimensions 204 mm x 204 mm x 104 mm
Weight 3,55 kg
Easy to move around with dedicated case.