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A key success factor in life science research is the combination of multiple techniques. With the Flex-Bio, Nanosurf’s Bio AFM, you can combine the liquid AFM imaging, spectroscopy and nanomanipulation capacity of this system with the high-end optical techniques available for inverted microscopes.
Flex-Bio comes with manual and motorized stages for seamless integration on Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon and Leica inverted microscopes or with standalone stages. On the inverted microscope, optical and AFM data can be correlated.

he modular stage, cantilever holder, and software concept allows an easy upgrade of the system to access many new possibilities in life science and materials research. Flex-FPM for cell and nano-manipulation, for example, and Flex-ANA for automatic nanomechanical analysis. In addition, advanced modes like MFM and KPFM that were originally developed for the Flex-Axiom system, are also available for Flex-Bio. For measurements that don’t need optical access from below, e.g. for the imaging and spectroscopy of samples like bacteriorhodopsin, a standalone stage makes the Flex-Bio compatible with the Nanosurf Isostage and Acoustic Enclosure 300, and generally makes the system much more compact.


Sample diameter , petridish up to 50mm
Max. Sample Height 9 mm
Z motorized movement 10 mm
Motorized approach 5 mm
XY scanning range 100 x 100µm or 10×10 µm
Z axis scan range 10 µm (or 3 µm)
Detector noise (RMS, dynamic mode in air ) 40 pm
Dimensions 145 mm x 158 mm x 53 mm
Weight <2 kg


Petri dish holder with heater, range from RT up to 40 °C

Fluid FM option (microfluidics cell and other small objects manipulation)

FlexANA (Automated Nanomechanical Analysis)