High Pressure Freezer EM ICE

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Fully automatic freezing system for biological samples in their natural state. Currently, cryofixation is the only way to fix cellular components without introducing significant structural changes. The Leica EM ICE device is a freezing system with sample transfer to liquid N2, which guarantees process repeatability. It is equipped with an automated sample loading system in one movement, allowing it to go frozen in one second.


• integrated liquid nitrogen dewar with an automatic drying system,
• time between freezing cycles: 1 minute
• dewar with segmented sample storage, with programmable rotation system enabling 9 freezing cycles. The automatic N2 liquid refilling system guarantees the safety of frozen samples during the day,
• touch screen displaying parameters and storing data in the form of files that can be transferred via USB
• sample carriers suited to the application
• modern, compact, mobile and quiet construction with integrated air compressor
• no alcohol or other liquid required for pressure synchronization or cooling
• integrated stereo microscope workstation with adjustable LED lighting


– light stimulation module (with a choice of wavelengths: 365 ʎ, 450 ʎ, 523 ʎ, 597 ʎ, 660 ʎ)
– electrical stimulation module
– GFP fluorescent module for stereoscopic microscope
– environmental chamber
– Leica EM CTD- dryer for cryo tools