VERTEX FT-IR Spectrometer

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The VERTEX Series is the culmination of everything Bruker has pioneered and developed over more than 40 years. Built on a fully upgradeable optics platform that is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind, VERTEX FT-IR spectrometers share a wide range of advanced features. High-end vacuum or purge spectrometers providing utmost performance and highest flexibility adjustable for special needs in demanding research fields.

VERTEX 70v offers unmatched performance and versatility for demanding analytical and research applications. Its innovative design results in the highest flexibility and highest performance. The data acquisition is based on two channel deltasigma ADCs with 24-bit dynamic range, which are running in parallel and integrated into the detector preamplifier electronics. This advanced DigiTectTM technology prevents external signal disturbance and guarantees the highest signal-to-noise ratio.

The VERTEX 80 and the VERTEX 80v vacuum FT-IR spectrometers are based on the actively aligned UltraScan™ interferometer, which provides PEAK spectral resolution. The precise linear air bearing scanner and PEAK quality optics guarantees the ultimate sensitivity and stability. The VERTEX 80v is an evacuated optics bench that can eliminate atmospheric moisture absorptions for ultimate sensitivity and stability; enabling demanding experiments such as high resolution, ultra fast rapidscan, step-scan, or UV spectral range measurements.

The VERTEX 80/80v optics design allows PEAK flexibility and at the same time PEAK instrument performance. The unique Bruker Optics DigiTect™ technology prevents external signal disturbance, guarantees PEAK signal-to-noise ratio and allows easy and reproducible detector exchange by the instrument user. The two optional external detector ports accommodate the liquid He dewars of bolometer and/or hot electron detectors. In combination with the external water cooled high power Hg-arc source, the recently rediscovered terahertz spectral range is accessible even with a room temperature operated DTGS-detector.


ParameterVERTEX 70vVERTEX 80  VERTEX 80v
Spectral rangeMid-IR, NIR, Far-IR/THz, Visible/UV

10 cm-1 to 28,000 cm-1 (360 nm)

Mid-IR, NIR, Far-IR/THz, Visible/UV

10 cm-1 to 50,000 cm-1 (200 nm)

Mid-IR, NIR, Far-IR/THz, Visible/UV

5 cm-1 to 50,000 cm-1 (200 nm

Spectral ResolutionBetter than 0.4 cm-1 (apodized),

optional 0.16 cm-1

Better than 0.2 cm-1 (apodized),

optional better than 0.06 cm-1

Better than 0.2 cm-1 (apodized),

optional better than 0.06 cm-1

Optics hausingStandard vacuum or purgeable, includes dry vacuum pumpStandard sealed and purgeableStandard vacuum or purgeable, includes dry vacuum pump
Input portsUp to 2Up to 2Up to 2
Output ports         Up to 5Up to 5Up to 5


Vacuum or PurgeablePurgeableVacuum or Purgeable
Rapid Scan>70 spectra/sec at 16 cm-1>110 spectra/sec at 16 cm-1>110 spectra/sec at 16 cm-1
External accessoriesHYPERION Series FT-IR Microscopy and Imaging System, RAM II FT-Raman and PL II Photo-Luminescence Modules,

PMA 50 Polarization Modulation Compartment, HTS-XT High Throughput Module and TGA-IR Coupling

SoftwareIntegrated OPUS operation and evalution software, fully validated, IQ/OQ/PQ test standards, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant


Available External Accessories:

  • HYPERION Series FT-IR Microscope
  • HYPERION 3000 FT-IR Imaging System
  • RAM II FT-Raman Module and the
  • RamanScope III FT-Raman Microscope
  • PL II Photoluminescence Module
  • HTS-XT High Throughput Screening eXTension
  • IMAC Focal Plane Array macro imaging accessory
  • TGA-coupling
  • PMA 50 Polarization Modulation
  • Accessory for VCD and PM-IRRAS
  • External sample compartment,
  • evacuable or purgeable
  • Vacuum PL/PT/PR measurement unit
  • 4 position detector chamber
  • Fiber optic coupling unit with MIR- or NIR fiber probes for solids and liquids
  • External vacuum tight UHV-chamber adaptation
  • Large Integrating sphere
  • Auto sampler devices
  • External sampling platform for simultaneous ATR and transmittance measurements
  • verTera THz Extension for VERTEX 80v