Sample preparation for microstructure diagnostics and failure analysis microPrep™ PRO

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The microPrep ™ PRO- automated laser ablation system is the first device of this type dedicated to the needs of microscopic preparation and more. The microPrep ™ PRO system allows you to cut samples from large volume objects – for microstructure analysis or other expertise. It allows the preparation of an extremely wide range of materials – metals, semiconductors, ceramics, composite materials, etc. Thanks to different cutting modes, it allows obtaining samples of any shape with very high accuracy.


  • The perfect tool for sample preparation for TEM, SEM, X-ray microscopy and ATP (Atom Probe Tomography) techniques
  • The ability to create samples of complex / three-dimensional shape
  • Ablation speed 10,000 times higher than with FIB (focused ion beam)
  • No contaminants or structural changes in workpieces
  • “CO2 Snow Jet” technology for removing contaminants
  • Positioning system with an accuracy of ± 0.003 mm (XY)
  • Intuitive software controlled from the touch screen
  • Ability to create profiles for many users with different levels of access
  • Includes accessories for cutting, thinning and a manual system for creating cross-sections
  • The device can be extended with an advanced automatic system and an integrated rotary tool.