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The LUMOS II is a stand-alone FT-IR microscope that excels in failure analysis, material research and particle analysis. It is compact, precise and features ultrafast chemical imaging by FPA technology.

Bruker is working hard to make advanced techniques more accessible to users of any skill level. The LUMOS II FTIR microscope keeps following that creed. Its hardware, software and user interface were built around the idea, that even beginners should obtain exceptional results in a minimum amount of time. The motivation behind this is obvious: in order to benefit from its universal applicability, the user must first be empowered to take advantage of FTIR imaging and microscopy. This is the philosophy of the LUMOS and as a result Bruker made micro FTIR faster, better, and most importantly even simpler.

Because it naturally delivers the best performance in transmission reflection and attenuated total reflection (ATR) measurements. Additionally, it is fully automized, software controlled and features an easily accessible sample stage.The retractable ATR crystal is controlled by highprecision piezo-electrical motors and lets you enjoy an unhindered view of the sample, while guaranteeing that your measurement takes place exactly where you want it to. Simultaneously, the integrated pressure ensures appropriate sample contact over the entire samples.


LUMOS II technical features:

  • Standard TE-MCT detector
  • Plug & Play: no liquid nitrogen, no dry-air purge
  • Optional FPA-imaging detector
  • Novel PermaSure+ calibration technology
  • Fully motorized and automated hardware
  • Accomodates samples of up to 40 mm in height
  • Long lifetime of components including laser
  • Inert to high humidity (ZnSe Optics)
  • Stand-alone design, small footprint
  • Low power consumption

LUMOS II provides:

  • Ease-of-use by software guided measurements
  • High-definition spectral and visual data
  • High IR sensitivity without liquid nitrogen
  • Visual resolution in the sub micrometer range
  • Ultrafast FPA imaging performance
  • FPA imaging ATR/transmission/reflection
  • Easy access to the sample stage
  • Compliance to cGMP and FDA 21 CFR p11
  • Automated OQ/PQ/pharmacopeia tests
  • Anytime upgradeability


  • Failure analysis
  • Particle & surface analysis
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Forensical science
  • Life science
  • Polymers & plastics
  • Environmental science
  • Pharmaceuticals


Macro Analysis

The ALPHA II and LUMOS II are a perfect match. When brought together, they create the most accessible FTIR setup in the market. They are quick to learn, easy to master and feature straightforward analytical workflows. Alternatively, you can add an external macro accessory to the LUMOS II FTIR microscope. This way, the ALPHA II QuickSnap™ sampling modules can also be used with the LUMOS II. With these modules you can easily analyze all kinds of solids, liquids or gases in transmission, reflection or attenuated total reflection (ATR).