DCC Optics (Double Curved Crystal)

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Improved Performance with Doubly Curved Crystal Optics
Highly monochromatic X-ray beams focused in three dimensions can be obtained by using Doubly Curved Crystals (DCC). Crystals of mica, graphite, silicon, germanium, and others are used for an energy range of 1.5 to 58.KeV. Crystal optics reflect X-rays based on Bragg diffraction.



• 3-Dimensional point-to-point focusing of X-ray
• Highly monochromatic beam
• Large capture angle


• High flux density gain
• Large working distance
• Extremely low background
• High detection sensitivity


• Monochromatic XRF
• Single crystal XRD
• Powder XRD
• Small feature analysis
• X-ray reflectometry (Metrology)
• X-ray imaging offers good P/B ratio to improve contrast for medical application
• WDS (Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry)