Fusion heating and electrical systems

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Fusion heating and electrical systems transform a standard TEM or SEM into an in situ laboratory. Our new product combines heating, electrical and electrothermal analysis and uses advanced holder and E-chip technology that provide ultra-high stability and accuracy. With Fusion, you can see samples under real-world conditions at atomic resolution and produce more results in less time.

Fusion combines a new low-power E-chip technology with holders constructed using special alloys to dissipate heat, resulting in minimal displacement and drift during heating. Fusion’s proprietary ceramic heating technology integrates the heater and the sample support into a single thin film with temperature uniformity that exceeds 99.5%.

The fundamental challenge facing electrical experiments in the TEM or SEM is the very low current required to characterize nanoscale samples. Fusion provides single digit picoamp measurements with sensitivity into the attoamps.  With over 30 different low-parasitic electrical E-chip variations, there is a sample support for every application.

Fusion Electrothermal E-chips feature a silicon carbide heater with tungsten electrodes that enable researchers to perform heating/electrical biasing experiments at high temperatures. The full features and specifications of the Fusion heating and electrical modes are combined with a single easy-to-use software interface.

Control your experiments with powerful, intuitive Clarity software. Program electrical and/or thermal stimuli as waveforms or change parameters as you go. Observe data in real time with a visual user interface that plots your results, and use optional ImageSync software to synchronize images with the heating and electrical data.



  • Compatible TEMs:

JEOL and Thermo Fisher Scientific tested and approved

  • Alpha/Beta Tilt Range:

+/- 35° Alpha and +/- 20° Beta (dependent on TEM and pole piece type)

  • EDS Capability:

Thermo Fisher Super-X: up to 80% line of sight at 0° tilt JEOL Large Angle SDD-EDS: Up to 71% line of sight at 0° tilt Up to 750 °C EDS acquisition (dependent on EDS Detector)

  • Data Synchronization

Synchronize Time, Temperature, Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power with Clarity Echo for Gatan® GMS 1,2, and 3

  • Interchangeable E-chips

Same E-chips for all holders

  • Stable Probe Contact

Yes, fixed-probe design

  • Heating:
  • Temperature Range:

RT to 1200 °C (900 °C for Electrothermal)

  • Temperature Accuracy: 95%
  • Temperature Stability: < 0.01 ºC
  • Heating and Cooling Rate: Programmable, any rate up to 1000 °C/m
  • Electrical charakterization:
  • Current Range

1 pA to 100 mA (current range dependent on Fusion Select model)

  • Maximum Voltage

55 V (inquire for higher voltages)

  • AC Measurements: Low Frequency
  • Electrical Characterizaton Software

On the fly compliance and integration time adjustments for plotting and analysis. Immediate access to compliance and integration time adjustments for time savings