G8 Galileo ONH elemental analyzer

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The G8 GALILEO ONH is a high-end instrument designed for the rapid and automatic determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in solid materials. This analyzer is based on the inert gas fusion (IGF) principle, which involves fusion of the sample material in a graphite crucible at high temperatures.

The gas fusion analysis (GFA) principle is also commonly termed a melt extraction (ME) since the total oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen composition is extracted via sample melting.When combined with an external, infrared heated furnace, the G8 GALILEO can measure the diffusible hydrogen content in many sample materials, e.g. in welds according to ISO 3690 and AWS4 4.3 as well as in high strength steel.

Coupling a mass spectrometer to the G8 GALILEO analyzer leads to a substantially improved detection limit for the determination of ultra-low diffusible hydrogen concentrations e.g., in high strength steels. This Thermal Desorption Mass Spectrometry (TDMS) technique improves the detection limit by more than one order of magnitude compared to a TCD.

The G8 GALILEO, inert gas fusion analyzer, is available with facilities for analyzing all three elements O, N and H, as dual analyzer for two elements and as single-element analyzer for oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen.


Carrier Gases: He (O, N),  Ar (O, N),  N2 (H) , each 99,995%

purity (99,9990% for traces analysis)


400 – 480 VAC (± 10 %), 50 – 60 Hz, 32 A, 7 kVA,

1 Phase plus N or 2 Phase,


Depth:  600 mm

Height: 830 mm

Width:  800 mm

Weight : ok. 130 kg (depending on configuration)


Quadrupole mass spectrometer, analytical balance, external infrared furnace for diffusing hydrogen, calibration module with metered gas, automatic furnace cleaning, die changer, sample feeder,