Critical point dryer Leica EM CPD300

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The Leica EM CPD300 critical point dryer is a convenient tool for drying pollen, tissues, plants, insects, as well as MEMS systems, preparing the material for observation in the electron microscope. The automated, controlled process leads to perfectly reproducible results, ensuring the same quality of the sample from each cycle.

The new filter concept reduces CO2 consumption while reducing the overall process time. This is possible by adjusting the chamber volume to the sample size

Trusted Reliability

  • Fully repeatable process due to automation

Easy to use

  • Intuitive software and integrated touch screen
  • Ability to store and create drying programs
  • Precisely calculated process time and displayed according to the selected drying parameters
  • Timer function
  • Flexibility in sample size
  • Large variety of sample holders

Saving time

  • Reduced process time by new filter / sample holder concept;
  • Effective compatibility among others with Leica EM TP tissue processor;


  • Integrated 7 inch touch panel with user interface for cooling the specimen chamber; CO2 filling; steps of changing the medium in the chamber; supercritical heating; CO2 gas channel with adjustable outlet speed setting,
  • software: the ability to store and restore protocols, security concept with temperature and pressure cut-off; instructions for use and safety measures,
  • solvent resistant cover,
  • high-strength pressure chamber made of stainless steel,
  • chamber cover with thread,,
  • integrated, easy to empty container for used reagents with quick assembly system on the device,
  • front and top glazed sight glass with LED lighting,
  • magnetic stirrer,


Arthropoda Holder, Sample Transfer Basket (Aluminium)with Quick release pin

For use with sample holders and filler with the volume from 1/6 to 1/2.

  • Teflon Filler 1/3 volume
  • Teflon Filler 1/6 volume
  • Cover Slip Holder 12 mm dia., For 24 cover slips; mesh size 0,5 mm; volume 1/3)
  • Cover Slip Holder 18 mm dia., For 12 cover slips; mesh size 0,5 mm; volume ½
  • Cover Slip Holder 22 mm x 22 mm, For 12 cover slips; mesh size 0,5 mm; volume ½
  • Filter Discs and Porous Pots Holder,4 numbered slots; slot dimension 15 x 21 mm; mesh size 0,5 mm; volume 1/2.
  • Grid Holder,32 numbered slots, volume 1/6
  • Fine Mesh Specimen Holder,4 numbered slots for fine mesh specimen baskets; mesh size 0,5 mm; volume 1/3.
  • Arthropoda Holder, 6 numbered slots; mesh size 0,5 mm; volume 1/3
  • 2” Wafer Holder, 1/1 volume, for 4 2”wafers,