Spark spectrometer Q4 Polo

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The latest generation spark spectrometer with extraordinary analytical performance

  • A wide range of elements: Li – Bi, including analytically difficult non-metals (C, N, O, P, S, Si, Se)
  • High analytical precision (including for analytically difficult light elements)
  • Excellent analysis results thanks to the optimization of the source and excitation parameters
  • Reliable nitrogen analysis in steel at low ppm levels in low alloy steels
  • Oxygen analysis in copper (as part of the package for copper alloys)
  • Exceptional short and long term stability
  • Self-focusing of the optics (removal of temperature drifts)
  • Minimized contamination of the optics window with condensate and dust
  • Significantly reduced need for cleaning the optics window


Wire adapter for wires with diameter 1 to 12 mm diameter, tube adapter, Ar regulator, MLG 11 flat disc grinder