G4 Phoenix DH diffusing hydrogen analyze

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The G4 PHOENIX DH hot extraction analyzer is the right solution for accurate and fast measurement of diffusing hydrogen content to avoid hydrogen embrittlement.

G4 PHOENIX DH, using the hot gas extraction method, enables the quick and automatic determination of diffusing hydrogen in a wide variety of metal alloys. Evolved hydrogen is detected by a sensitive and long-term stable thermal conductivity detector (TCD). Simple and reliable calibration is guaranteed by the integrated automatic gas dispenser with 10 different volumes.


The analyzer is equipped with a fast infrared oven reaching a temperature of up to 900 ° C. A quartz tube with a diameter of 30 mm allows the analysis of large samples, such as steel strips or weld samples in accordance with ISO 3690 and AWS A4.3. The infrared oven is programmable in terms of time and heating rate to enable verification of information about various forms of entrapped hydrogen.

(ISO 3690, AWS A4.3


For higher temperatures, especially for the determination of diffusive hydrogen as well as residual hydrogen (e.g. in steels), the analyzer can be equipped with an additional resistance furnace that reaches max. temperature around 1100 ° C.


The revolutionary new technique of combining the mass spectrometer with the G4 PHOENIX DH analyzer improves the detection limit by more than one order of magnitude compared to TCD and enables the determination of ultra-low concentrations of diffusing hydrogen, e.g. in high-strength ste


Carrier Gases: N2 99,995% purity (99,9990% for fraces



External infrared furnace, 230 VAC, 0–60 Hz, 1,500 VA

G4 Phoenix 230 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, 2200 VA,


Depth: 640 mm

Height: 670 mm

Width:  630 mm

Weight: ok. 60 kg