TEM sample preparation system picomill M1080

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Combines an ultra-low energy, inert gas ion source, and a scanning electron column with multiple detectors to yield optimal TEM specimens.

Key Specifications

  • Achieve ultimate specimen quality – free from amorphous and implanted layers
  • Complements FIB technology
  • Milling without introduction of artifacts
  • Advanced detector technology for imaging and precise endpoint detection
  • In situ imaging with ions and electrons
  • Microscope connectivity for risk-free specimen handling
  • Adds capability and capacity
  • Fast, reliable, and easy to use
    – Yield enhancement
    – Failure analysis



Primary: Microelectronics and semiconductor transmission electron microcopy (TEM) specimen preparation
Secondary: Any other specimens requiring optimal results Ideal for when FIB preparation is combined with aberration corrected TEM

Ion source

Filament-based ion source combined with electrostatic lens system Variable voltage (50 eV to 2 kV), continuously adjustable Beam current density up to 8 mA/cm2 Beam size < 1 µm

Electron source

Accelerating voltage up to 10 keV Working distance of 16 mm Faraday cup for electron beam current monitoring with a range of 1 to 2,000 pA


TEM style X, Y, and Z axes movement and α tilt Specimen exchange of < 30 seconds Milling angle range of −15 to +90° Viewing range -15 to 180°
Side-entry, TEM-style holder Compatible with all major TEMs
Ion beam targeting
Ion beam can be targeted to a specific point on the specimen surface or scanned within a selected area

User interface

Menu-driven with system status displayed


Gas Ion source

gas: UHP 99.999% argon

Gas control: Automated using mass flow control technology

Pneumatic supply: Compressed dry air or dry nitrogen at 2 to 7 bar


Secondary electron detector/Everhart-Thornley detector

  • Electron imaging with 2 mm field of view
  • Ion-induced secondary electron imaging with 1.9 mm field of view
  • Specimen image displayed on PicoMill system user interface

Solid-state backscatter electron detector

Solid-state scanning/transmission electron (STEM) detector

Vacuum system

Turbomolecular drag pump backed by an oil-free diaphragm pump

Specimen chamber pressure:

  • Base vacuum of 3 x 10-6 mbar
  • Operating vacuum of 1 x 10-4 mbar

Electron column: Base vacuum of 1 x 10-6 mbar
Specimen goniometer: Atmosphere to 1 mbar (pre-pump)

Vacuum gauges:

  • Cold cathode for specimen chamber and electron column
  • Pirani gauge for goniometer


Automatic termination

Termination by time, electron signal, or manual process