Exact FL cell counter

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The Exact FL is an automated brightfield and fluorescence cell counter with an enhanced field of view, unmatched resolution and high magnification. Using an advanced CMOS-based optical system and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered image analysis software, the Exact FL calculates the exact number of cells in a sample and provides reliable assessment of key cellular parameters, including cell viability and GFP transfection efficiency. The high magnification and high resolution provides an unprecedented level of detail, enables differentiation of cells from debris, and counts even the smallest mammalian cells (CAR-T cells, stem cells, PBMCs or splenocytes).


For research purposes only. Not intended for diagnostic purposes


  • State-of-the-art optics – 6.4 MP CMOS camera coupled with 10x magnification allows accurate discrimination of individual cells in clusters and counts cells up to 4 µm in diameter
  • Artificial intelligence-based image analysis – cell counting is performed by pattern recognition software, minimizing inter-user variability
  • Large field of view and multiple counting – by taking multiple images of the same sample in different positions of the slide, more of the available counting volume can be analyzed. The increased counting volume provides a much lower coefficient of variation compared to traditional image-based cell counters
  • Extras – Exact FL is the first cell counter with an expandable range of applications, including an additional module for organoid counting
  • Fastest autofocus – Exact FL has the fastest autofocus system on the market, which minimizes user input and variability


Technical parameters


Measurement range (cells / ml)5,0 × 104 – 1,0 × 107
Size rangemammalian cells 4 – 70 µm
Organoid size range10 µm to 100/200 µm *
Sample volume (1 chamber)10 µL
Field of view1 count : 2.1 mm2

8 counts (multiple counts): 16.8 mm2

Multiple count optionYes
ChannelsGreen : excitation: 452/45 nm; emission: 512/23 nm

Red – excitation: 561/14 nm; emission: 630/90 nm

Enlarge10 × (digital zoom 20 ×)
Image resolution2072 × 2072 pixels
Camera6,4 MP CMOS
Light sourceLED
Data formatsJPG, CSV, PDF
Data storageCytoSMART Cloud
Computer requirementsWindows 10, USB 3.0
Measurement time3 s**
Counting chamberReusable (glass) or disposable (plastic)
Measurements (L × W × H)16.6 cm × 14 cm × 13.5 cm
Weight1.3 kg
Warranty1 year

* size limit depends on the dimensions of the counting chamber

** with a download speed of 73 Mb / s and upload speed of 20 Mb / s