The device for precise sample preparation Leica EM TXP

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The Leica EM TXP device is a system for precise cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling of samples for light and electron microscopy. The possibility of exact selection of parameters together with a wide set of tools means that the trimmer can be used for various applications.


• Basic device with fast milling system with motion control in the x-y axes.
• Graphic LCD display.
• Cutter speed adjustment in the range of 300-20,000 rpm with precise control of the cutter stroke in the sample direction: 100µm, 10µm, 1 µm and 0.5µm with indicator.
• Quick cutter retraction.
• Adjusting the cutting range; counter.
• Indicator of pressure applied during polishing. Automatic polishing function.
• Cutter feed arm equipped with a safe switch, safe cutter cover and cut off with a connection for commercially available vacuum cleaners.
• Lever to set the angles forming a pyramid with two positions, and the possibility of rotation and tilt of the sample holder for two axes of rotation of the sample in the range of ± 2 mm and 360 ° with fixed positions every 90°
• Liquid sample cooling system.
• Stereoscopic microscope carrier.
• Focus adjustment system and LED illuminator to evenly illuminate the work area.


• Filter unit
• The IC90 E camera for imaging on an external monitor


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