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DSS5 is the extraction station for Cleanpart’ner particle trackers for very large components. It allows to extract the contamination in order to evaluate the level of cleanliness of the parts according to the cleanliness standard which are, among others, the ISO 16232 and the VDA19


• Extraction area: Width (mm): 1800 / 1883 max. Depth (mm): 979 Height (mm): 1095 + 206
• Ovoid extraction enclosure to minimize particle retention, super polished mirror finish, Ra 0.02
• Fast and repeatable blank acquisition, value less than 250 µm, 200 µm as a minimum
• Automatic Wall flushing integrated into walls without risk of particles retention
• Full access to the extraction area (optional sliding window)
• Double air supply flow and exhaust air extraction integrated into the station (operator protection)
• Laminar air flow with HEPA filter 0,3 µm meet a class 5 max. according to ISO 14644
• Touch colour machine interface with functional and intuitive controls
• Designed and manufactured in our workshops
• Quality of finishes and choice of materials to avoid particle generation and retention
• HMI located on the right side to allow the installation of a manipulator arm for heavy components (optional)
• Proven and reliable equipment
• EC fully compliant – Comply with the European Machinery Directives 2006 and Electromagnetic compatibility
• Two types of PLC available as standard: PRO-FACE or SIEMENS
• Pen flow rate: adjustable 5 L/mn max. – Walls flushing: 15 L/mn max.
• Rinsing pressure: 4,5 bar max.
• Useful volume tank: 70 litres
• Membrane holder: Ø 47 or 90 mm – Optional cascade of 3 membranes
• Fluid filtration rate: 0,2 µm
• Accepted types of fluid: solvent or detergent (water base)
• Materials: 304L stainless-steel polished bowl – Painted steel for structure
• Fine textured powder paint
• Extraction connection: 204 mm outside
• Power consumption: 2100W max.


• Stainless-steel shower
• Cascade membrane holder Ø47 or 90 mm
• HDPE support plate
• Solvent pen with interchangeable nozzles


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