Glass coverslipping automat RCM 9000

  • Description


The RCM 9000 is a highly efficient glass coverslipping automat, optimized for easy and quick use. With its reliable technology, histological and cytological specimens are processed fast, clean and reliable.

With a coverslipping speed of approx. 300 slides per hour, the RCM 9000 is characterized by high throughput and flexibility. Slides can be loaded and unloaded continuously. An easy to use digital panel helps for quickly setting the operating parameters, e. g. coverslipping speed and dispensing volume.

The dispenser and pump assure consistent, bubble-free dispensing of the mounting media. To prevent the needle from drying out, it is automatically stored in in xylene. Suction for solvent vapors is integrated.

The device works quietly and with standard coverglass, microscope slides and mounting media. Slide holders of common routine stainers can be used in the RCM 9000.