Plasma cleaner GV10x Asher

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The GV10x Downstream Asher’s ability to remove carbon contamination is a quantum leap beyond the traditional methods of mitigating contamination using cold trapping, nitrogen purging, and other plasma cleaners. The GV10x, with its extended power and pressure range (5 to 100 Watts and 2 to <0.005 Torr), represents a paradigm shift in the carbon decontamination of SEMs and other vacuum systems.
Atomic oxygen and hydrogen eliminate contamination by converting the surface carbon into gas phase molecules which are then pumped out of chambers, not just immobilized on trapping surfaces. Sample artifacts such as polymerized deposits are minimized by low carbon levels in SEM chambers.

Since cleaning periods will vary between instruments, the GV10x DS Asher can be used on several laboratory tools by moving the GV10x Source from instrument to instrument. Relocation of the GV10x DS Asher can be facilitated by placing an isolation valve between the GV10x Source and the instrument vacuum chamber.

GV10x is a versatile tool enabling:

– storage and cleaning  samples in TEM holders

– surface modification of samples

– sample cleaning by using an external chamber

– cleaning the SEM chamber

– in-situ sample cleaning during imaging


-Adjustable Operating Plasma Pressure without TMP interruption at <5 mTorr to 2 Torr

-Repeatable removal rate of 1.5 nm/min at 50 watts [Click Here]

-Plasma cleaning cycles in less than 5 minutes

-Uniform cleaning results from low operating pressure

-Contamination reduction 10x more efficient than other plasma cleaners

-Downstream Plasma – No Heating and Sputtering

-SEM software protected by controller Opto-Isolator

-Short return on Investment


Qwk-Switch™ Source – Seamless transition between instruments
Qwk-Switch enables extremely easy transfer of the device even to several electron microscopes. Its extraordinary ease of use makes the device a versatile tool in electron microscopy.