Mobile plasma cleaner CHIARO

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Similar to MCA but distinguished by turbomolecular pressure & speed. An optional optical microscope can be installed to mount and observe specimens during plasma conditioning and potential leak observation from liquid/gas specimen cells. Plasma processing at lower vacuum increases plasma processing activity. To meet requirements of viewing gas and liquid sample cells in TEM holders the Chiaro performs the functions of leak checking, gas/liquid E-Chip viewing while mounting, surface hydrophilization and plasma processing.


  • No assembly required
  • TEM holder loading through swing away chamber lid at 40X
  • Store 3 TEM holders under high vacuum
  • Pressure monitoring for possible gas/liquid cell leaks at <2e-5 Torr
  • Hydrophobic to hydrophilic surface plasma treatment
  • Plasma clean TEM holder pre and post sample prep
  • 3 position toggle switch (vent, on, off)
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Shift between multiple SEMs in minutes for in-situ ashing
  • Use reductive gas mixtures for polymer/organic samples
  • On board plasma driving gas cylinder


Qwk-Switch™ Source – Seamless transition between instruments
Qwk-Switch enables extremely easy transfer of the device even to several electron microscopes. Its extraordinary ease of use makes the device a versatile tool in electron microscopy.