PreciPoint M8

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Precipoint’s M8 serves as a dual microscope and scanner with all features accessible via a touch screen computer – making it a truly digital microscope. Our intuitive software allows for easy navigation through your microscope slides with just the touch of your fingers.

With everything automated and digitized, there is no need for oculars and manual focus knobs. Work with a touchscreen computer, a tablet, or a smartphone and examine the sample with your own hands, literally. Users can log into the M8 from anywhere in the world, directly steer the M8 live, offer their opinions remotely, and even participate in consultations from their own offices.

Different operating modes tailored to diverse workflows:

Live Mode

The Live Mode offers capabilities of a digital microscope. See the sample live, and zoom through the sample to view different layers and structu-res in your specimen. The overview image helps you to orientate and navigate.

Instant Scan

ModeThe Instant Scan mode is unique to PreciPoint. It gives you a large field of view of a digital scan with the speed of a microscope. Access a 15x15mm area within seconds at high resolution. Perform analyses, look for rare happenings, make annotations, take notes, and then digitize everything. Generate all the reports you need

Slide Scan ModeAchieve highest quality scans to di-gitize your microscope slides. Scan-ning your selected region of interest (ROI) or whole slide imaging (WSI) is possible, regardless of the sample’s thickness, size, and difficulty (e.g. cytology and osteology slides).