Laboratory micro cutting machine Ø 150 mm Cutlam Micro 1.1

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The CUTLAM®micro 1.1 is a LAM PLAN laboratory micro-cutting machine.
Easy to use and economical. It is designed for precision cuts of the most sensitive materials.

The CUTLAM®micro 1.1 allows you to include a versatile and robust machine in your laboratory at a reasonable budget. Its speed range and cutting chamber capacity will enable you to use it for many applications with a variety of cutting wheels (diamond, AL203, etc.) up to 150 mm diameter.

The work piece is held by a vice-holding, the knob, located outside of the cutting chamber, which permits a micro metric movement of the Z-axis.

The cutting feed is controlled with a sliding weight system, allowing you to fine-tune the load applied for delicate and slow cuts.


Cutting discs75 – 150 mm
Shaft diameter12,7 mm
Standard flanges50 mm
Feed rate25 mm (accuracy 0.02 mm)
Preload1 x 200 g
Vertical feedManual
CoolingExternal recirculating system, 10L, Two-chamber tank, inlet filtration100 μm, 800 liters/hour capacity, controlled from cutter level
Power0,18 kW
Disc speed
Adjustable, 50 – 1500 rpm
Transparent with security lock
230 V – 50Hz
390x390x340 mm (L x H x W).
25 kg
60 CTM10 00
60 CTM10 10
60 CTM03 10
Recirculation system, 10 L
Holder for cylindrical samples Ø 12 to50 mm max