Trimming system EM RAPID

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Leica EM RAPID is a trimming system that allows you to prepare the surface of pharmaceutical and industrial samples safely, quickly and accurately in less than 60 seconds.

The RAPID version belongs to the Leica family of trimming devices, together with the TRIM2 or TXP system.

> Decapsulation of pills without smearing effect

> Adjustable cutting speed between 300–20.000 rpm

> Defined layer removal in steps of 0.5, 1, 10 or 100 μm

> Brilliant ring LED top light and optimised back light illumination

> Low noise extraction and filtration unit with Hepa-filter


  • Graphic LCD display.
  • Adjustable milling speeds from 300 – 20,000 rpm. Miller advance adjustable in 100μm, 10μm, 1μm and 0.5μm steps.
  • Total advance indication.
  • Fast forward and return of the miller.
  • Auto Feed system.
  • Milling control lever with built-in safety switch.
  • Miller safety cover and waste collector with connection to exhaust equipment (accessory).
  • Lever for setting pyramid angle with three stop positions for frontal area and top view observation as well as milling position.
  • Clamping mechanism for adjustment and rotation of Ultramicrotome specimen holder, ± 2 mm and 360° rotation with click stop every 90°.
  • Provision for trans-illumination of the specimen.
  • Stereo microscope carrier with focusing control.