Fiber Tensile Module

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The outer dimensions of the Fiber Tensile Module are 80 × 100 × 22 mm. It is mounted to the SEM or light microscope specimen stage “like a large specimen”. It allows in-situ observation of tensile experi-ments at extremely low forces, yet very high load resolution (down to 1×10 N). The tensile speed range is 0,1 to 20 μm/s. These features, coupled with maximum stiffness of this substage, allow very accurate measurements on fibers of down to 2.5 μm diameter, and several millimeters length. The specimens can be observed statically or dynamically at magnifications well beyond 10.000 x in daily routine work.The load is measured by a unique and specially designed load measurement unit.The displacement is taken by a differential transformer (LVDT). Linar encoder available as option.The enlarged view shows the specimen holder, which is a pair of ceramic tubes, ground down to half their diameter (red tips). One side is attached to a parallel sled, driven by a combination of DC-tacho-motor / angular encoder for precise recognition of the speed. A heating element (option) touches the specimen from underneath, to allow heating up the specimen locally up to 300°C or more


Static or dynamic observations of surface changes under controlled mechanical load, crack growth, delaminating phenomenae, formation of glide planes etc.Metals, ceramics, glass, ceramic bulk materials or layers, galvanic coatings,minerals, wood, organic materials


Load ranges: from 0 … 2N (Option: 4N)

Specimen dimensions (maximum sizes): 1μm dia. up to 30mm length.

Deformation speed range: 0.1 to 20 μm/sec. Other speeds on request

Displacement range: 0 to 5 mm per experiment. Other displacements on request.

Electrical connection: 220 or 110 V AC.

Module dimensions in mm (width/height/length): 80 x 22 x 100 mm



Choice between manual controller (Starter system), and microprocessor controller (DDS-3) with interface and software (MDS) for PC-operation.


Modularity / Flexibility

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