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In February 2022, Protochips announced the first of the AXON platform modules, Dose. Dose is the world’s only system that allows us to monitor what dose of electron beam has bombarded our chosen area on the sample we are examining with a transmission electron microscope. By coupling a dedicated holder to the Dose system and properly calibrating the microscope, we get a complete tool to better understand how the electron beam affects the specimen we are studying, and how to choose the microscope’s parameters so that our experiments give reproducible and representative results.

Features that will make sure that the time spent at the transmission microscope is well spent and that the resulting microscope images are free of artifacts include:

  • visualization of sample surface exposure to the electron beam by means of heat maps
  • a system for generating warnings when a user-specified level of electron beam dose is exceeded in a selected area of the sample under study
  • a tool for diffraction reflection blur analysis to detect specimen degradation and/or contamination
  • integration with AXON Studio software for detailed analysis and processing of the resulting data after the experiment has been performed

Video, demonstrating Axon DOSE available here; Introducing AXON Dose™ – YouTube