Gentle Asher Chamber GV/GA

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The Gentle Asher has been specifically designed to expand the GV10x investment for sample cleaning prior to inserting into the EM chamber. The Gentle Asher Chamber, which is integrated with a GV10x, is ideal for preventing black scan square deposits.

The GVGA is not a plasma cleaner in the traditional sense since the plasma species are not accelerated but downstream with energies ≤ 30ev so ion sputter and specimen topography damage are eliminated. Atomic O2 produced in the GV10x plasma source removing hydrocarbon contamination from samples by chemical interaction that produce CO2, CO & H2O molecules which are then pumped away.

GV10x is a versatile tool enabling:

– storage and cleaning  samples in TEM holders

– surface modification of samples

– sample cleaning by using an external chamber

– cleaning the SEM chamber

– in-situ sample cleaning during imaging


• All GV10x DS Asher features
• Make hydrophobic surfaces hydrophilic
• Store and clean 3 TEM holders under vacuum
• Plasma processing with reductive gas mixtures for polymer/organic samples
• Non-Damaging – No sample heat from K.E. bombardment
• Repeatable removal rate of 1.5 nm/min


Qwk-Switch™ Source – Seamless transition between instruments
Qwk-Switch enables extremely easy transfer of the device even to several electron microscopes. Its extraordinary ease of use makes the device a versatile tool in electron microscopy.