Cool Unit TKF 22

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For quick freeezing of embedding molds and paraffin blocks in the histology laboratory, the Quick Cool Unit TKF 22 is a perfect match. It offers much space within a deep cooling tray, and a constant cooling capability of down to -35 °C that is reached after a few short minutes, thanks to a powerful cooling unit. The temperature can be set with an easy to use controller. A digital display shows the current temperature.

The seamless deep cooling tray is made of stainless steel. To keep the temperature steady, the cool plate is made into a tray that is 40 mm deep. This enables storage of up to 180 paraffin blocks at a time.

For presorting and coolin of paraffin blocks, an insert made of stainless steel is separately available (see picture). This insert offers seven trays for 20 paraffin blocks each. Also available is a glas lid, that saves energy when it is used during the cooling.