Tensile/Compression Testing up to 10kN

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This tensile module (compression as option) for the SEM (and a limited selection of “Atomic Force Microscops”) fits on the sample stage just like an oversize specimen. The test objects should be 20 to 60 mm long, not thicker than 5 mm.

The tensile lead screws of the load frame are threaded with right and left pitches at their opposite ends. So the area in the middle from where the specimen elongates in both directions, will stand almost perfectly still.

The PC-controlled microprocessor electronics (DDS-3) with a large software package (MDS) is part of the standard shipment. A great number of test parameters and experiments routines are menue-guided, and easy to use. The program is especially suitable for cyclic tests. Many sub routines, such as compensation of the device’s individual flexure and online recording of the modulus of elasticity are integrated. Furthermore crack recognition, ramping, and many other functions are included. E.g. Video capturing is availble as option and many further features more.

Alternatively a starter system with manual controller is available.

The manual controller has a hand held unit with display for displacement and load, and a keypad with poti for smooth speed setting. Up and down keys with arrows are marked for the loading/relaxing direction. At the rear of the controllers, a USB-Port supports measurements data.



Dimensions [in mm]~ 800 x 500 x 580 (W x L x H)

Weight [in kg]:~ 150

Travel range [in mm]:

X~170; Y~200; Z~20; R~±20°

Movement resolution [in µm]:0,01

Speed range [in µm/s]:0,01 – 3000

Nominal force[in N]:500 (other load cell on request)

Force accuracy [in N]: 0,01% of full range

Power supply: Single Phase Grounded

110 / 230 (Vac); 60 / 50 (Hz)

Certification: CE, EN 610



Load cells: 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1kN, 2kN, 5kN, 10kN

Extensometer: Range: +/- 1mm, resolution: <100nm; other on request

Heating / Cooling: from room temperature up to 1000° C or

+/- 100° C, incl. PID-controller.

Specimen clamping: for loads >500N, <500N, round shaped specimen, choose out of more than 30 different custom tailored clamps

Adaptation for: EBSP, Diffractometer, AFM or Synchotron application.

Video-Extensometer: VEDDAC-strain

Image-Capture: reviewing the image along the data courve

Software interface for remote control e.g. LabView


Choice between manual controller (Starter system), and microprocessor controller (DDS-3) with interface and software (MDS) for PC-operation.

Modularity / Flexibility

Our Systems can be adapted to your needs of today. Let´s talk about it and select an item out of a number of add-ons that are available already. If it is not developed yet, let´s do it, to get your task solved.