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Flexible Design, Unyielding Performance

fleX-Beam is a unique, compact X-ray generator that combines a low-powered X-ray source and a precisely-aligned polycapillary optic to deliver a bright X-ray beam for advanced material analysis. fleX-Beam is available in several standard focused or collimated beam configurations and can also be customized for specific applications.

  • Features and Benefits
  • Simple Integration
  • Easy Serviceability and Field Alignment
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Features and Benefits

• fleX-Beam’s intensity is up to 10,000 times greater than conventional pinhole collimators
• Focal spot as small as 5µm @ Rh Ka (20.162keV)
• 50 watt performance exceeds conventional kilowatt-powered X-ray tubes
• Integrated safety shutter & 8-position filter wheel

Simple Integration

• This comprehensive solution is compact and easily integrates with any instrument or system

Easy Serviceability and Field Alignment

• Innovative design allows for the ability to interchange different optics, as well as service the X-ray source in the field


Micro XRF
• Small Feature Analysis
• Film & Plating Thickness
• High-Resolution Elemental Mapping
• Residual Stress Analysis
• Laue Diffraction
• Powder Diffraction
• Powder Diffraction
• Texture & Strain Measurement
• Wavelength-Dispersive Spectrometer