Linear Stainer Continuous COT 20

  • Description


The COT 20 staining machine with its proven technology of the assembly line principle offers invaluable advantages for histological and cytological laboratories that have a high throughput of specimens to be stained in the course of a day. The staining capacity of the COT 20 is up to 1,000 specimens per hour.

Many features, like the dwell and drip time and staining duration are individually adjustable. Carryover of staining solutions is reduced to a minimum.

The COT 20 comes with up to 27 staining stations, 16 of them are prepared for running watering via a central water connection. The staining baths have a capacity of 250 ml. Two storage containers are integrated in the working plate, each with a capacity for 10 slide baskets.

For insensitive samples, the effectiveness of the solvents can be supported by using the agitation function. This can be easily switched on and off using a switch on the front of the device.

The flexibility of the COT 20 allows a multitude of variations, use of all common staining solutions and intermediates, as well as the realization of all cytological and histological routine staining. Depending on the laboratory requirements, there are three different models to choose from, which can either be connected to existing ventilation systems or feature an already integrated activated carbon filter