Model 2560 Vacuum Transfer Tomography Holder

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Provides specimen protection during transfer to transmission electron microscopes.

Key Specifications

  • An advanced mechanism retracts the specimen into the body of the holder, which seals and isolates the specimen from the surrounding atmosphere
  • Ideal for sensitive specimens that can be altered by environmental conditions
  • Optimized for transferring specimens under vacuum or in the presence of inert gas
  • Provides a large field of view in transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) possessing a ST or wider gap pole piece
  • Capable of tilting to ±70°; can be used for tomography in microscopes with pole-piece gaps > 5 mm
  • Accepts 3 mm specimens or specimen grids

Available for both Thermo Fisher Scientific and JEOL TEMs


Holder type
Room-temperature, single tilt, For transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) possessing a > 5 mm gap pole piece

Specimen size
3 mm diameter Wide range of thicknesses up to 100 μm

0.34 nm (in all directions)

< 1.5 nm/minute

Maximum tilt range
Up to ±70°

Field of view
Do 1mm  at 70°


not available