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The S1 Tracer 5 series of spectrometers is widely used wherever there is a high complexity of application. Regardless of whether it is research on works of art and archeology, didactics, food safety and agriculture, geochemistry or advanced technological materials, TRACER precisely and accurately analyzes the elemental composition of materials in various forms (liquids, suspensions, powders, pigments, minerals, soils, sludges, sludge, cellulose, polymers, glass, paper, metals and their alloys). Thanks to the applied innovations, S1 Tracer 5 enables analysis in a wide range of elements ranging from sodium (Na) and even detection of fluorine (F). A large selection of primary beam filters and the option of manual voltage and intensity adjustment of the X-ray tube mean that optimizing the XRF excitation conditions results in precise qualitative analysis during the study of artifacts and painting pigments.

Currently, Bruker offers the S1 Tracer 5i and S1 Tracer 5g models, which differ in the material of the detector window. The S1 Tracer 5g analyzer with a thin (1 µm) graphene detector window is used wherever the highest detection sensitivity of Na, Mg and Al is important (archeometric glass analysis, geochemistry)


Three-legged tripod, desktop stand, manually inserted filters, helium-blow tooling, vacuum pump, portable W-Fi router