System in-situ Atmosphere

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The atmospheric mount allows TEM microscopes to observe the real-time behavior of samples under test in real environmental conditions. The mount gives the user total control over environmental parameters during sample examination. Despite its advanced technology, it is easy to use, and the powerful software fully integrated into the holder provides the user with comfort. The operator can choose either automatic or manual mode of the chuck control, depending on his needs.

The holder is compatible with most TEM microscopes made by FEI, Hitachi and JEOL. It will make the microscope function as an “in situ” laboratory, which will strongly increase its range of capabilities and flexibility of applications.


Temperature up to 1000ºC

Test materials and systems at desired temperatures. A wide range of adjustable temperatures allows real-time observation of the variability of reaction types and rates at different temperatures.


Pressure up to 1 atmosphere

Allows observation of reactions occurring in a sample under real-world conditions, up to a pressure of 1 atmosphere, a pressure almost 100 times higher than in a conventional ETEM.


Temperature control

Reading and adjusting the current temperature is done on a feedback basis. This allows the temperature to remain stable over time, even during changes in pressure and gas composition allowing users to continuously change operating conditions while maintaining a constant temperature value.


Environmental cell design

The design of the environmental cell ensures that the gas is only present within 5 micrometers around the sample, and the geometry of the cell enables EDS analysis, maximizing resolution and functionality when creating natural environmental conditions during TEM analysis.