Alphacen 300 AFM

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Nanosurf is the market leader for custom developed systems for large and heavy samples. Over the past years our team has built a substantial knowledge base developing these custom stages for various customers.

Utilizing this vast body of knowledge, we have now developed a standard product for large samples up to 300 mm or heavy samples up to 45 kg. The Alphacen 300 reduces the price and the delivery time compared to a custom system.

The Alphacen 300 includes powerful automation software that allows the user to preselect the locations of interest, either on an optical image or a stage map, and let the system collect the images with no user intervention.

Most large sample AFMs are capable of handling planar samples up to 200 mm, typically geared toward analysis of semiconductor wafers. However, one of the limitations of these systems is the sample weight that they can handle, Alphacen 300 addresses the need for a standard AFM capable of imaging large and heavy samples with a weight limit of up to 45 kg. The Z-stage travel of 50 mm also allows for imaging of samples that are not thin silicon wafer.

he Alphacen 300 AFM system has a sample stage that can move 300 mm x 300 mm in XY and can measure every point on 300 mm sample. On request, the stage can be modified to handle a larger range in X (up to 500 mm).

System is powered by newest Nansourf CX Controller,  the fastest and most reliable controller on the market, offering 28-bit resolution on daylily bases


Sample dimensions 300x300mm (300×500 mm on request)
Max. Sample Height 50 mm
Z motorized movement 60mm
Motorized approach 5 mm
XY scanning range 100 x 100µm
Z axis scan range 10 µm
Detector noise (RMS, dynamic mode in air ) 25 pm
Dimensions 1008 mm x 1887 mm x 1208 mm in acoustic enclosure
Weight 833 kg (full system with peripheries)


Petri dish holder

Heater sample holder, range  from RT up to 250 °C

Heater/cooler sample holder, range from -35 °C up to 180 °C

Variable magnetic field sample holder

C-AFM sample holder

Environmental control option

EC-AFM sample holder