Spark emission spectrometer Q4 Tasman

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The Q4 TASMAN is an optical spark emission spectrometer (OES) with optimal analytical performance, ease of use and economical operation. The spectrometer opened the era of modern analyzers with an optical chamber armed with higher sensitivity CCD detectors and with an innovative digital excitation system. An important element of the spectrometer is for the user a modern sparking table with optimized axial flow of argon, which frees you from frequent maintenance.

Tasman Q4 spectrometer has improved stability and precision along with the detection limit of each element at the trace level.

The analytical performance of the Q4 Tasman instrument allows comparing the CCD technology spectrometer to “high-end” spectrometers equipped with photomultiplier detectors.

The solutions introduced in the construction of the optical chamber do not require the use of a vacuum pump, which in turn improves the comfort of work (work without tiring pump noise) and frees the user from uncomfortable and expensive pump maintenance (oil change and pump seals)


Power           100 to 240 V
50/60 Hz

600 W during the measurement

50 W standby

16 A (240 V) slow-blow fuse

Depth:  800 mm

Height: 650 mm

Width:  550 mm

Weight: 75 Kg


Adapter for analysis of wire with a diameter of 1 – 3 mm, adapter for analysis of wire with a diameter of 3 – 10 mm, adapter for testing small samples, adapter for testing thin sheets, MLG11 grinding machine for spectral samples, argon regulator