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OMEGA 5 is a compact FT-IR gas analysis system in a 19 inch rackmount box equipped with a 5 m multi-reflection gas cell for the measurement of industrial gases. The design of the gas cell is optimized for a high optical throughput to enable the quantification of gas compounds even in very low concentrations in the ppb range.

 OMEGA 5 is designed for automated, high-precision and real-time monitoring of gas concentrations in many different applications. Overall cost of operation and maintenance is low due to the durability of the various components such as the interferometer, IR-source and diode laser.

Fully Automated Identification and Quantification

From the measurements, the gas concentrations are retrieved automatically by a nonlinear fitting procedure within the comprehensive software package OPUS GA, without the need for gas calibrations or expert knowledge. The influence of interfering gases as well as of varying gas temperatures and pressures is considered by the analysis routine.


OMEGA 5 features:
·       Gas analysis system in a 19 inch rack-mount box equipped with a 5 m multi-reflection gas cell
·       Spectral resolution: Better than 2 cm-1 (option: better than 1 cm-1)
·       TE cooled detector for high sensitivity without the need for liquid nitrogen
·       The nickel-plated gas cell and gold-coated mirrors enable the measurement even of corrosive gases
·       Accounts for variable pressure and temperature of the gas by sensors included inside the gas cell
·       Sealed and purgeable optics
DryPathTM option available: Enables the measurement of water and carbon dioxide in low concentrations without the need for external purge gas supply