Knife maker Leica EM KMR3

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The process of sectioning thin or ultra-thin sections requires that the edge of the knife used during the process be of the highest quality.

„The balanced breaking” method used in the Leica KMR3 allows for the perfect quality of the knife edge and thus a sample preparation with a perfectly smooth surface.The Leica EM KMR3 simultaneously uses two break pins to apply exactly the same force to each side of the glass strip.

Precision steel hemispheres ensure minimal contact of the glass surface, ensuring outstanding knife-edge quality.


  • Highly reproducible unique knife quality
  • Automatic reset of breaking mechanism
  •  Easily accessible force adjustment
  •  Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  •  Easy to use – anyone in the laboratory can immediately produce high-quality glass knives


  • Leica EM MP (hot plate) for easy placement of trufs on glass knives with dental wax