Tissue Processing Center TPC 15 Duo/Trio

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This closed linear Tissue Processing System with 15 stations for rapid processing of two (TPC 15 Duo) or three (TPC 15 Trio) protocols is the most cost-efficient way for the tissue processing needs of histology laboratories. Fast biopsies in less than one hour make the system indispensable to all lab professionals who need immediate results.

The TPC 15 Duo/Trio is a high-throughput multi-protocol tissue processor with 15 stations capable of processing two (TPC 15 Duo) or three (TPC 15 Trio) different protocols simultaneously and independently. With a maximum capacity of 440 (TPC 15 Duo) or 660 (TPC 15 Trio) specimen cassettes the TPC 15 Duo/Trio is perfect for high volumes.

To protect user and environment, the instrument is closed by a clear hood and every station is covered by a stainless steel lid. The TPC 15 Duo/Trio includes an exhaust system for solvent fumes with connection to an external exhaust facility. Additionally, the instrument is equipped with a large activated charcoal filter, for independent use. In controlled applying vacuum, pressure, heaters and stirrers are it provides an optimum of infiltration.

By moving the specimens instead of the reagents, this efficient instrument uses up to 30% less reagent than commercial fluid transfer processors. Due to its highly resistant stainless steel surfaces and containers the TPC 15 Duo/Trio works with most reagents common for tissue processing thus leaving the choice to the user.

The user friendly large display shows all relevant data for the operation of the instrument in detail. Each protocol‘s status can easily be checked at a glance during runtime. The processing temperature is individually adjustable for every station. A safety mode prevents samples from overheating. Running protocols can be interrupted, making accessing the samples possible during the process.

Protocols can start from every station. The flexible software allows programming of short, day, overnight, and weekend runs even simultaneous.