Cryo Transfer Tomography Holder MODEL 2550

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Cryo transfer and tomography of thin-film frozenhydrated/vitrified specimens for low-dose imaging and analysis

Key Specifications

  • Suits both tomography and single particle cryo-EM
  • Works for other soft materials that may require cooling when imaging
  • User friendly for specimen loading
  • Unique mechanism for specimen unloading
  • Extended field of view at high tilt up to 80° (in TEMs with cryo pole pieces)
  • Resolution to 0.18 nm
  • Low drift rate of 1.5 nm/minute

Operating temperature below -175 °C


Holder type

A single-tilt holder for cryo transfer and tomography of thin-film frozen-hydrated/vitrified specimens

For transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) with a wider gap pole piece (an approximate 5 mm gap for tomographic studies)

Standard specimen cup/holder tip material

Beryllium copper


Liquid nitrogen

Specimen grid size

3 mm diameter

Field of view

2 mm diameter at 0° tilt


0.20 nm at 0° tilt


1.5 nm/min-1

Maximum tilt range

Up to ± 80°

Dewar capacity

200 ml

Maximum bake-out temperature

Up to 110 °C

Minimum operating temperature

< -175 °C

Time to reach minimum operating temperature

< 30 minutes (in microscope)

Hold time at minimum operating temperature

> 4 hours in three 120


not available