Software for in-situ systems AXON

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The goal of creating AXON was simple: remove obstacles that make in situ TEM research an endeavor undertaken only by expert users. We believe that everyone deserves to experience their samples behaving in their real-world conditions, which is typically not at high vacuum. AXON begins with this promise, but takes us all much, much further toward realizing the full potential of in situ studies.


  • Prioritize the most important parameters (magnification, ramp rate, etc.). Let the system automatically control the experiment to deliver optimal results
  • Connect and synchronize ALL experiment data in real time. More complete data sets yield faster, better results.
  • Focus on your sample and not the TEM controls. Never miss a moment as you change temperature, liquid, or a gas environment even at extreme magnifications

Compatible with the major TEM manufacturers and cameras. Based on patent pending technology.