Precipoint O8

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The O8 is an all-in-one device that offers completely new possibilities for your workflow. The O8 is equipped with three different modes – Live, Instant Scan, and Slide Scan.

With these three modes combined, the O8 serves both as a microscope and a scanner. It allows you to directly work on your sample, perform various analyses, and to scan your slides for documentation and future viewing.

Virtues PreciPoint O8:

  1. Scan whole slides and selected regions of interest with air and oil objectives up to 100x.
  2. The O8 serves both as a digital microscope and a scanner, thus offering completely new possibilities for your workflow.
  3. Empower your work with cloud solutions, virtual classrooms, and powerful image analysis tools
  4. The O8 is the perfect working tool for various demanding applications such as hematology or oncology research.
  5. Control the O8 from anywhere at anytime and simultaneously work with colleagues for second opinions.
  6. PreciPoint products are made and engineered in Germany since 1982 and have an outstanding track-record in stability and quality, serving hundreds of happy customers around the globe.