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For success in materials research studies, scientists depend on professional tools that can readily provide the information needed, regardless of the tasks at hand. By advancing key technologies and designs, Nanosurf has made the Flex-Axiom one of the most versatile and flexible AFMs ever, allowing a large variety of materials research applications to be handled with ease. In combination with the powerful C3000 controller, complex material characterizations are possible.

The Flex-Axiom is your reliable tool for topographical and metrological imaging of samples in both air and liquid. But the Flex-Axiom goes beyond topography, for example with advanced mechanical, electrical, or magnetic characterization. The system has also been successfully used for local sample manipulation.
The Flex-Axiom uses an extremely linear electromagnetic scanner for XY movement. This scanner delivers an average linearity deviation of less than 0.1% over the full scan range, top-ranking on the AFM market. The Z-axis is piezo-driven, with a position sensor that enables closed-loop operation. A sensitive cantilever detection system can measure well into the MHz frequency range. The scan head is connected to the full-featured, 24-bit C3000 controller with digital feedback and 2 dual-channel lock-in amplifiers.

Perfect for use inside a glovebox


Sample diameter <100mm
Max. Sample Height 20 mm
Z motorized movement 10 mm
Motorized approach 5 mm
XY scanning range 100 x 100µm or 10×10 µm
Z axis scan range 10 µm (or 3 µm)
Detector noise (RMS, dynamic mode in air ) 40 pm
Dimensions 145 mm x 158 mm x 53 mm
Weight <2 kg


Petri dish holder

Heater sample holder, range  from RT up to 250 °C

Heater/cooler sample holder, range from -35 °C up to 180 °C

Heater/cooler sample holder, range from -35 °C up to 180 °C

C-AFM sample holder

Environmental control option

EC-AFM sample holder