G4 Icarus CS carbon and sulfur analyzer

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The G4 ICARUS Combustion Analyzer with HF Induction Furnace and HighSenseTM Detection is a next-generation instrument for fast and precise analysis of carbon (C) and sulfur (S) in solids.

The innovative combustion zone design uses a gas extraction nozzle to provide optimal excess oxygen supply to the molten sample. Released combustion gases and dust particles are immediately removed by the extraction nozzle, and its flange protects the combustion tube from liquid sample splashes.

A unique, fully automatic cleaning system with brushless dust removal ensures that the built-in dust filter and gas extraction nozzle are cleaned simultaneously, while transferring accumulated dust to the crucible for disposal. Combined with an integrated high-performance dust filter with a pore size of 3 µm,
provides unparalleled performance and efficiency:

– More efficient, faster combustion on more samples

– Excellent gas flow

– Immediate removal of combustion gases without further dilution for fast and clean analysis

– Splatter elimination and dust minimization for maximum performance, component life and analytical quality

– Brushless, quiet dust removal system integrated into the combustion zone

The G4 ICARUS Series 2 is equipped with selective solid-state detectors with no moving parts and an integrated reference beam channel.

The latest innovations in high-performance light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) have enabled the development of an SO2 detector with exceptional performance. Since UV absorption is much more efficient than IR absorption, this results in lower detection limits suitable even for trace analysis. In addition, this type of gas analysis is not affected by water molecule interference or thermal fluctuations.

The new HighSense TM platform is equipped with a dedicated reference channel that eliminates drift and ensures the highest baseline and calibration stability. The measurement cell is equipped with an inert coating to avoid carryover and corrosion. The result is an SO2 detector that outperforms NDIR technology in every respect


Sample weight 0.1-1 g (typically 0.5 g)

Carrier gas: oxygen 99.95% pure (99.995% required for trace carbon), 3.5 bar (50 psi) min.

Compressed air 5 bar min.

Analysis time – 40 s (nominal)

Noise emission <50 db

Power supply 230 VAC (± 10%); L1 N


Depth: 770 mm

Height: 780 mm

Width : 640 mm

Weight : approx. 75 kg


Analytical balance, analytical gas dryer,